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DIWA Labs Report Shows Sony A700 Tops Nikon D300 in Dynamic Range, Tonal Range, Color Fidelity, and Signal-to-Noise Ratio!

Hello folks, I usually prefer to keep all of
the testing, reports, and reviews I do in house,  but in this particular
case I think the results of the Diwa Labs testing warrants me posting links to
those results here. Diwa Labs uses the popular DXO Analyzer suite to do comprehensive testing on some of the most popular digital camera releases.

Take a look at the plots below comparing the
Sony A700 to the Nikon D300 in key imaging areas. According to these plots the
Sony A700 is giving some incredible Dynamic Range, and is also besting the Nikon
D300 in Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Tonal Range, and Color Fidelity.

Sony A700 users may or may not be surprised
by the results, but FWIW, the results I have linked clearly do show the Sony A700 is
easily a match for the more expensive and non-image stabilized Nikon D300.

Dynamic Range

A700 Plot ($1300)


D300 Plot ($1800)


D3 Plot ($5000)


Tonal Range





Signal to Noise Ratios

Sony A700


Nikon D300


Color Fidelity (WB & Exposure corrected)

Sony A700


Nikon D300


-Sonolta 01-11-2008

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